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Prediksi Soal Bahasa Inggris UN SMA IPA 2009

Prediksi UN SMA IPA

Prediksi Soal Bahasa Inggris UN SMA IPA 2009

Read this paragraph to answer question number 1 and 2.
People can do a lot about the condition in which they live. They should refrigerate food properly when necessary and they should not leave food lying around because it may attract insects and rats. To avoid this pests, the proper care of garbage is also ver y important. Careful housekeeping is extremely important to sanitation and good health. People should keep all parts of the house neat and clean. They should scrub bathroom and kitchen often.

1. The topic of the above paragraph is about…..
A. the problem of insects.
B. healthy conditions at home.
C. the danger of insects and rats.
D. the importence of clean bathroom.
E. the necessity of having a refrigerator.

2. The main idea of above paragraph is….
A. We should clean and scrub the floor everyday.
B. Rats and garbage are the main causes of disease.
C. Rats and insects must be kept away from the house.
D. Healthy conditions are very important for our health.
E. People use refrigerators to prevent food from turning bad.

Read this paragraph to answer questions number 3 and 4. Mexico city is growing very fast. In 1970 the city had about nine million people. Now it has over 17 million. All these people who mostly come from the country are causing problems for the city.
There are not enough jobs. Also, there is not enough housing. Lar ge families havw to live together in very small homes. Many homes do not have water. They also do not have bathrooms or electricity. In addition, the air of Mexico City is dirty and unhealthy. The smoke from the factories and cars pollutes the air of the city. All these problems make government work hard to make life better in the city.

3. The topic of the above paragraph is about…

A. the problem of Mexican City
B. the growing population in Mexico.
C. the reason why country people like the city.
D. the poor and the unemployed in Mexico City
E. the efforts to rise people’s standard of living.

4. What has mainly caused the problems of Mexico City?
A. The polluted air of the city.
B. The available jobs in Mexico City.
C. The rapid growth of country people.
D. The housing provision by the government.
E. The migration of countr y people to the city.

Read this passage to answer question number 5 to 9.
Before goold and silver were brought to Europe from the Spanish and Portuguese colonies in Latin America during the sixteenth century, inflation had not been a major problem. Since that time, however, inflation has been a significant economic issue, especially during and after wars. Currently, in many countries of the world, people are facing problems caused by inflation, which is a decrease in the purchasing power of money because of continuous rises in the prices of available goods. There are two different kinds of inflation, each of which can affect people’s lives. When inflation is discussed, people generally refer to an increase in prices, wages, and the amount of money circulating in a country’s economy. The most common type of inflation is called creeping inflation because there is a steady but manageable increase in the rate of inflation within a year. Price rice continuously so that workers ask for higher wages to cover the increasing in cost of housing, food, and transportation. Altough such wage increases are inflantionar y, they are often
unavoidable. As a result, a government may have to impose and wage controls in order to control this type of inflation. A less common type of inflation is called hyperinflation, which is ussualy due to war or occupation by a foregein countr y. During a period of hyperinflation, price levels double rapidly. As there is to
much money available in economy, the currency decrease in value, and people lose confidence in their government’s financial competence. To win back the trust of the people, the government may create a new currency.

5. Which of the following is TRUE according to the text?
A. Inflation became a serious economic issue in the late 1600s.
B. Workers can support their families because of their high wages.
C. To avoid inflation, the government should increase the people’ wages.
D. Whatever type of inflation a country experiences, it affect very individual in society.
E. The Spanish and Portuguese colonies brought gold and silver to Europe in the year 1600.

6. What is paragraph 3 about?
A. Creeping inflation.
B. The rate of inflation.
C. The cause of inflation.
D. Inflation in many countries.
E. Uncontrolled price increases.

7. What is the topicof paragraph 4?
A. The effect of inflation.
B.The decreasing value of money.
C. The creation of new currency.
D. People’s trust in the government.
E. Efforts to overcome inflation.

8. The following are the characteristics of inflation exept …..
A. rising prices of available goods
B. declining purchasing power
C. higher costs of living
D. increasing demands for higher wages
E. a decrease of the circulation of money

9. What is common cause of inflation?
A. People are not earning enough money.
B. Government control on the economy is too strict.
C. There are always political conflicts between nations.
D. There is too much money circulating in the economy.
E. The cost of housing and transportation have doubled.

10. Max : Hello, Mr. Andrews? This is Max from Ripley’s Reality.
Mr. Andrews : Hi, have you found a house for me yet?
Max : Yes, I have a great house to show you on Padley Drive.
It’s only $ 200,000.
Mr. Andrews : Oh, that’s to expensive for me.
Max : Well, I have another on Bank street. It’s only $85,000.
But it only has one bed room.
Mr. Andrews : Oh, that’s not big enough.
Where is Max when he calls Mr. Andrwes?
A. At a housing exhibition.
B. In a house on Bank street.
C. In his office at Ripley’s Reality.
D. On his way to Mr. Andrew’s house.
E. In a beautiful house on Padley Drive.

11. Ali : Are there any interesting jobs in the paper today?
Ani : Well here’s one dfor a tour guide. But you have work on Saturdays and Sundays.
Ali : I don’t want to work on Sundays.
Ani : Neither do I. Oh, there’s another here for a salesperson.
It’s a job selling children’s books.
Ali : Sounds interesting.
Why are Ali and Ani reading the “Help Wanted” advertisement?
A. To become a tourist guide.
B. To find a suitable job for Ali.
C. To advertise an interesting job.
D. To avoid working on weekends.
E. To look for children’s bookstores.

12. A : Can I hep you?
B : Yes, something’s wrong with my typewriter.
A : Oh, what’s the problem?
B :It doesn’t work.
A : OK, let me have a look at it. Hm, it’s the power button.
B : Oh, really?
A : Yes. Can you leave it here for repair?
B : OK, and how much will it cost?
A : Well, it should cost $2.
What does A do to earn his living? He works as a/an….
A. clerk C. mechanic E. electrician
B. plumber D. technician

13. Ramos : We’re here to discuss the space program. We have a limited amount of time, so let’s get started. Vidia : I think the space program is a waste of money. Think of all the research scientists could be doing on disease with the money. Furthermore, the money is coming out of the tax payer’s pockets. From the dialogue above we can conclude that Vidia … with the space program.
A. dislike C. dissatisfied E. dishonoured
B. disagreed D. discouraged

14. Budi : What’s the matter, Lucy. Have you been cr ying?
Lucy : Oh, I’ve just received a letter from my father. He says that the river has flooded our village.
Budi : …. I’m really sorry to hear that.
Lucy : Thank you! That’s very kind of you.
A. Big deal C.Calm down E. Shame on you
B. Pardon me D. That’s too bad

15. Bobby : What will Rita do on the show?
Linda : She and her group will show traditional costumes from the 27 provinces. Any
Bobby : No, not at all…
A. That’s fine C. That’s insane E. It’s for certain
B.Take it easy D. That’s too bad

Read this dialogue to answer question number 16 to 20
Mr. Baker : Hello, Mr. Fanelli. Please have a seat. What can I do for you today?
Mr. Fanelli : I want to borrow some money to buy a car. A friend of mine, Jack Richardson, bought a new car last week. He told me that he got his loan here.
Mr. Baker : Oh, yes I remember him. I was the loan officer who spoke with him.
Mr. Fanelli : He said that you were very helpful. I know very little about loans and I hope you can explain things to me.
Mr.Baker : I will certainly tr y. What questions did you have for me?
Mr. Fanelli : First, I want to know if loans for buying cars are commercial loans or personal loans.
Mr. Baker : Neither, Mr Fanelli. They’re auto loans. A commercial loan is principal that banks lend to businesses. Personal loans are made to individuals, but not for buying cars.
Mr Fanelli : What about interest rates?
Mr. Baker : The rate of interest currently in effect on auto loans is 16%.
Mr. Fanelli : For how long will I have to make monthly payments?
Mr. Baker : The term of loan is three years, so there will be 36 monthly payments.
Mr. Fanelly : Do I have to give the bank any collateral?
Mr Baker : The car serves as collateral. If you default, the bank can take possession of the car. The bank also checks your cr edit file to make sure that you always paid back your loans in the past. Do you have any charge accounts? Mr. Fanelli : My wife and I bought our furniture with our charge card and we even used it to buy airplane tickets for our vacation in California last year. Wepaid off both those debts
Mr. Baker : That’s very good. I assume there will be no problem. But the first thing you have to do is fill out this loan application.
Mr Fanelli : Thank you ver y much. I’ll start right now.

16. What is the topic of the above dialogue?
A. Kinds of loans. D. Property as guarantee.
B. Applying for a loan. E. Buying a car on credit.
C. The rates of interest.

17. Where does the dialogue take place?
A. In a bank. D. At Mr. Baker’s house.
B. In a car showroom. E. At Jack Richardson’s office.
C. In a department store.

18. Which of following statements is NOT TRUE about Mr. Jack Richardson?
A. He has got an auto loan.
B. He is Mr. Fanelli’s friend.
C. He has given Mr. Fanelli some loans.
D. He is satisfied with the bank’s service.
E. He has told Mr. Fanelli where to get a loan.

19. The purpose of Mr. Fanelli’s visit to Mr. Baker is that….
A. he wants to buy a car
B. he is a bank costumer
C. he wants to get an auto loan
D. he wants to withdraw his money
E. he has a problem with his account

20. Before approving a loan, the bank investigates whether the client has…..
A. property as a guarantee
B. paid back all his past debt
C. applied for a car loan before
D. used his charge accounts regularly
E. bought furniture with his charge card

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words.
If you are about to look for a job, the suggestions I offer here can help you, whether or not you have a high school diploma, whether you are just starting out or changing your job or career. Before you tr y to (21)…. A job, you have to answer the hardest (22)… of your working life: “What do I want to (23)…?”
Here’s a good way. Sit down (24)… a piece of paper and don’t get up (25)….you’ve listed all the things you’re proud to 26)…. accomplished. Your list might include being head of a fund-raising campaign, or acting a juicy role in the senior play.

21. A. find C. start E. search
B. have D. apply

22. A. thing C. question E. requirement
B. choice D. statement

23. A. do C. look E. work
B. get D. find

24. A. by C. near E. upon
B. on D. with

25. A. when C. after E. as
B. since D. till

26. A. be C. have E. become
B. hold D. being

27. I have been waiting to go around the world!
The above sentence means the speaker….
A. has never done it
B. has seen a lot of the world
C. is traveling around the world
D. doesn’t have to go around the world
E. has often been back from around the world

28. X : Can I have your report on the last week’s study tour to Lampung?
Y : I’m still working on it. But I … it by the time you’re back from the meeting.
A. am going to finish D. am finishing
B. will have finished E. will finish
C. have finished

29. A : Did Ann invite Tom to the party?
B : I don’t know, but I am sure he… because he’s her best friend.
A. invites D. has been invited
B. is inviting E. might have been invited
C. is being invited

30. As he usually works overtime, he always ver y… when he gets home form work.
A. tired C. annoyed E. disspointed
B. bored D. confused

31. Jack is the most … person that I’ve ever meet.
He never stops talking about himself.
A. tiring C. annoying E. embarrassing
B. amazing D. terrifying

32. Rita continued eating….she heard the phone ringing.
A. as soon as C. because E. after
B. although D. since

33. Rina : I’m thinking of going to Brazil next year, Ria.
Ria : Oh, great1 I’m sure you’ll have a good time there.
According to the dialogue Ria is ….that Rina will enjoy her stay in Brazil.
A. happy C. pleased E. satisfied
B. certain D. doubtful

34. The manager always has his letters typed by his secretary.
This sentence means that….
A. The manager always types letters for his secretary
B. The manager has asked his secretary to type his letters.
C. The manager always asks his secretary to type his letters
D. The manager is always asked by his secretary to type letters
E. The manager always types letters together with his secretary

35. The government is making new regulations on logging. Many people think that it’s already too late because man forests have been destroyed. From the situation above we know that the governmenet….new regulations long before.
A. Must have made D. would have made
B. Could have made E. should have made
C. Might have made

36. Man people are protesting about the high prices of staple food especially rice.
The government…do something to improve the economy.
A. could B. might C. must D. may E. can

37. I didn’t get the job….I applied for.
A. who B. that C. what D. whom E. whose

38. The accidet would not have happened if the driver in front had not stopped so suddenly.
This means that the accident happened…..
A. So that the driver in front stopped suddenly
B. Because the driver in front stopped suddenly
C. When the driver in front didn’t stop suddenly
D. Although the driver in front could stop suddenly
E. Despite the fact that the driver in front didn’t stop suddenly

39. ‘I wish I knew that Jane is ill.’
From the sentence we know that the speaker……
A. regrets that Jane is ill
B. has known that Jane is ill
C. has been told that Jane is ill
D. doesn’t know that Jane is ill
E. has visited jane in the hospital

40. While Tom was playing football, he fell and had a seriously sprained ankle.
That’s why the doctor….his ankle.
A. bandaged C. fastened E. tied
B. wrapped D. covered

41. Kus Henratmo may not be a great actor but he is a very popular….He presented a quiz programs on TVRI a few years ago.
A. commentator C. entertainer E. speaker
B. programer D. reporter

42. The bus is due to be here a 9 but it hasn’t arrived yet.
The underlined word means…..
A. ordered C. arranged E. controlled
B. directed D. supposed

43. Adi has cancelled buying the car because it….a great deal of fuel.
A. runs C. spends E. consumes
B. costs D. wastes

44. She was very sad because the thief has stolen her most precious diamond necklace.
The underlined word means…..
A. usable C. exciting E. wonderful
B. saleable D. valuable

45. Shinta made a nice picture by..…some coloured paper with glue on a board.
A. using C. sticking E. decorating
B. missing D. drawing

46. Father seemed very affected by my success in winning the contest.
The underlined word means…..
A. awful C. shocked E. confident
B. touched D. agreeable

47. Bob likes decorating his garden. That’s the reason why he is going to study…after finishing high school.
A. Interior design D. landscape gardening
B. Flowering plants E. building construction
C. Interior furnishing

48. I am concerned about the level of unemployment in Jakarta recently
The underlined word has the same meaning as…..
A. sorry C. worried E. confused
B. scared D. regretful

49. John is satisfied with his trip to Bali last week that he is planning to have another trip next year. The underlined word means…..
A. excited C. thrilled E. exhausted
B. surprised D. pleased

Read the folowing graphic to answer question number 50.
The rates of sales volume of Bharata & Co from 1993-1997 in percentage.
50. From the graph we may conclude that the rate of sales volume of Bharata & Co…..
A. Has increased stedily
B. Sharply decrease in 1994
C. Tends to decrease after 1995
D. Does not reflect any increase
E. Has developed within five years

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